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  1. Core Sound 20 for sale. Includes trailer, full mooring cover, two sets of sales - second set personally designed by Grahm Byrnes to increase sail area by 25% - used only four times. Construction personally supervised by Grahm Byrnes. Stay sail included. Kit would cost approximately $6,750 plus freight and you would have to build. Boat, trailer, sails, cover - all excellent condition - also includes four cycle four HP Tuhatsu outboard motor (essentially brand new - only one tank of gas run through this motor), delivery can be arranged. Boat located in Buffalo, NY area. $10,000.
  2. Hi: My name is Mick Griffin and I know of a CS 20 for sale. It was built by Geoff Kerr of Two Daughters Boat Works. The present owner is Tom Congleton and the boat is in Wilington, NC His email is: tr.congleton@gmail.com. The boat has a trailer, full mooring cover and is very nice. I know because I had it built. I know that you are looking for a 17ft, but this 20 ft is really nice. Regards, Mick
  3. Graham: I am the present owner of Ketchup and I always wondered why the mast have been replaced.??Thanks to you, I now know why. Thanks again. Mick G
  4. Steve: Where do you do most of your sailing? I see that you live in Honeoye Falls,Ny. I l ive in Orchard Park, Ny and have s summer place on Silver Lake, in Wyoming County, not to far from Geneseo. I ave a CS 20 (my 2nd one) I do a bit of Antique & Classic Boat judging and attend the shows in Hamondsport and Skeanatlas. If you are interested in some conversation give me a call at 71-662 1949. Regards, Mick Griffin
  5. What is the correct spec for snotter location on a Core Sound 20???? Thanks, Mick
  6. Suckie C: Could you give the deminions (thickness of materials, height of vertical parts, etc) of your "stepper helper" Thank you, Mick Or anyone else that could help me.
  7. Question??? What material did you use to construct the "stepper helper" The thickness and any other specs would be very helpful. Thank you, Mick G
  8. I have a CS 20 that has masts that are too short. How to make them longer??? Do I do it at the foot or at the top?? What material?
  9. HI: I would like to contact Graham with this question, but I no longer can located his phone number or email address. I have a CS 20 t(Ketchup) that has had the masts replaced with a internal sail tracks. The track is plastic with the opening slot 7/16 wide and the internal deminision measures 13'16. 'The slides are metal and appear to"almost" chrome plated. My question is: will the new plastic sides that would come with new sails work on this track????Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. I hope that someone (designer) will reply to this post. I also would like to have this information MickG
  11. Hoe wide are the slides. In other words, I need to know if I ordered new sails, would the slides work on my sail track.Also, in my last post, I mentioned that my slides were Stainlees Steel. Wrong, they are polished aluminum.
  12. I have a CS 20 (Katchup) and the previous owner, not the builder, somehow destroyed the original masts. He had new ones made and they have a sail track very similiar to the one that Graham has introduced The sail slides are stainless steel and they look like the one plastic ones that Graham is using.The track it self is held to the mast by sliding on short pieces of the old style stainless steel sail track, placed aprox 2" apart. I have not tried to take this apart, but it appears that new sail track would just slide off the short pieces of stainless steel track. It looks a bit overkill. I have not had a chance to try it out as the weather here Buffalo, NY area) has been really bad.
  13. I can vouch for this boat in as much I am the one that Two Daughters Boat Works built it for. Nothing but the best materials and workmanship. Originally Herrshoff Green, the color has been changed. and a bit more hardware added. Thjs is a great buy for someone who wants the best but does not have the time to build. Regards, MickG
  14. Everyone: Thanks for all the input. Between all of your information, I believe that I have it figured out. Thanks again. Regards, Mick Griffin
  15. Tom: Your posting seemed to indicate that a diagram of some sort was included. If so, I can not access it. I believe I understand what you are saying, but a diagram would help. Thank you, Mick Griffin
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