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  1. "They condemn what they do not understand". Is that correct? Whilst I might agree... Latin? Do I detect a Christian Brothers education in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia? I am a St Lawrences boy myself but my Latin has totally disappeared. DIG
  2. Good on you, great news, go for it! Where are you situated Lombard? DIG
  3. Scott, you've hit that nail on the head! Sounds like Graham commissioned Jimmy to write it especially. Get's my vote. P.S. I was at the concert at Sydney's Horden Pavilion early this year when, at the end of the concert, Jimmy came forward to say thanks to the audience, and he just walked off the front of the stage! Remember? Taken to hospital. And he didn't go on to do his concert in Auckland, New Zealand a few days later. Memorable night though, and not just for the stage dive, he and his band were fabulous. DIG
  4. Peter HK, I have family in Bris Vegas so when next I am coming up I might contact you if that's OK? shall I send you an PM email off forum? There's also Dee Cee with the CS 15 RED NECK. Maybe hear form him too. Cheers DIG
  5. Ken, thanks for the reply. Do you still own a CS? Is it back in NC? Maybe I should broaden my search criteria to East Coast. I know that there are a couple of CS in QLD and probably others around as well. I just wanted to talk to a few skipper / owners face to face and maybe see a boat or two in 'the flesh' if possible.
  6. All Still procrastinating about which model to build (and wondering where I might actually build a boat without space or shed). Are there any builders or owners of either CS17 or CS15 in Sydney or nearby? DIG PS I also like the look, although its a very different vessel, of John Welsford's S.C.A.M.P. designed for Small Craft Advisor. What does anyone else think?
  7. Too much rum? Tautology! Impossible! DIG
  8. Fantastic, well done. Lotta boat for length! I see a lot of offset 'centre?' boards in pocket cruiser / daysailers? How does that work? Does it favour / detract one tack / sailing point from another? DIG
  9. Just a thanks to all who have replied. All good information. If anyone else has info / comments please keep it coming. All good! DIG
  10. As a new member I have been 'trawling' through the B&B forums. I like all of Graham's designs but of particular interest to me are the Core Sound boats. The 15 or 17 probably suit my needs best. Would like to: 1. easily rig, launch, and sail single hand 2. ability to camp cruise, camping onboard 3. maybe would like to incorporate small cuddy cabin if that were possible I have noted numerous references to capsize, floatation, sealed hatches, re-righting etc? Most of my sailing experience has been in small to medium sized multihlls and monohulls of 20 foot plus. I have no experience of dinghy / small boat sailing. If one is, as I think I am, a rather conservative sailor, is one still likely / highly likely to experience capzizes regularly? Is it like riding a bicycle, "there are only two types of riders, those who have had a fall and those who will"? Also there seems to be much conversation on best types of reefing systems for these craft? I have expereince of mast tracks but not of sleeves. Opinions for single handed reefing? Seems that most / all masts are aluminium bottom topped by length of timber, presume for bendability? Has anyone built full wooden masts? Thanks in anticipation of responses. DIG
  11. Hey there to all. New member. Have long explored camper / cruisers to build such as those designed by Phil Bolger, John Welsford (Navigator, Pathfinder, Houdini), Chesapeake Light Craft (PocketShip) and only very recently discovered ex-pat Aussie Graham Byrne's Core Sounds. Like look of the 17 and was looking for local builder /owners of ANY Core Sounds. Any contact, discussion, advice would be appreciated. Great forum, thanks to all. DIG
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