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Morningstar is for sale.


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Yes It's true. I have finally given up on the idea of sailing this fine boat. I have another project that needs to get off the ground, so Morningstar has to go. I'm not looking for much for it. If your interested, please just e-mail me at smoolie671@yahoo.com.

I am currently living in Vero Beach Florida. If your new to the forum, and not sure what she looks like, just do a search in this forum and you should find plenty of photos. The trailer will also be included.

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I was wondering what happened to you and your project. We haven't heard anything from you for a long time. I'm sorry you are not going to complete the boat, as I would have loved to see it finished.

Good luck selling her. I hope you can find someone who wants to finish her and will post to this board with the progress.


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Sorry for the delay in responding. The boat is in basically the same shape as the last pictures indicate. It does have some blue tarp rash from the tarp that was used to cover it during the move down here.I also did lose a small wooden decoration that was on the side of the cabin area while traveling through Louisiana. Right now it's very hard to take any pictures because it's wedged into my garage.

I'm asking $500.00 for boat and trailer, plus all the additional spars that I had built. I'll even throw in the $200.00 figurehead and the lanterns.

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