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Is my house haunted..??

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OK, so we bought this foreclosed acreage about half a year ago.

The previous owners trashed & gutted it (common in foreclosures), but the price was right.

And it's only 6 yrs old.

We've restored it to new condition, but there is something SO WIERD that I cannot for the life of me pin down in this house:

When the furnace is running I swear to you that I can hear piano music playing in this house.

Not like a tune from beginning to end, more like my 6 yr old plinking on our electric piano in the basement.

I always think they've left that electric piano turned on, because it has pre-programmed songs in it.

But when I go downstairs, its clearly off.  And I only hear it upstairs anyway.

I mean, right now as I'm typing this, I can hear it.

It's three notes over and over.

Lisa can't hear it, and when I talk about it, it creeps her out.

What the hell is the matter with me (or this house)...?!?

And why can't I just be normal and hear VOICES in my head?

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