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San Juan Island Short Shot Launch

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I finished painting it a couple weeks ago, and wanted to try it out and make sure it was watertight before I finished rigging it. I also only had a day left before leaving for a week long business trip, and was feeling impatient. And it was sunny. So, I took it down to Eagle Cove which is shallow and sandy and was protected from the light northerly winds we had that day. I was pleased with what I experienced in the limited time I had, staying close to shore. 




When I got back, I finished rigging it up with life lines all the way around and a bungee on the front deck and a set of toggles on the back for sticking my paddle when getting in and out. I took it out on Griffin Bay for a bit, and pushed it a bit harder. It performs well and is very stable when leaning over. It feels so alive compared to the fiberglass kayaks I have used, and I am very pleased.

I do need to do more stretching before I can get the most out of it, though, and to make a few comfort tweaks and make a spray skirt. It's my first time with a Greenland paddle, and I got a lot of water in the boat. I think there may also be a bit of leakage on the deck seam, but I'll wait till I have the spray skirt to verify that it wasn't all just from my paddle. It's got three coats of Rustoleum gloss white on it. 



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11 hours ago, Leo De Bruyn said:

It's my first time with a Greenland paddle, and I got a lot of water in the boat. I think there may also be a bit of leakage on the deck seam...


Likey both are to blame. GP's are notoriously wet paddles! And deck seams are near impossible to make totally watertight for me. 

Boat looks really good in white too. 

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