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Nick C

Just Hatched

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I have been the beneficiary of reports and pictures on this forum as I started my build and it is time to report in that I am making progress. I recruited help and unfolded my CS20 Mk. 1.1 last week. That process is pretty cool.


It is a Mk. 1.1 because it is the first CS20 kit and Graham and Alan tweaked it a bit to develop the kit. It was "hatched" because it will be named after a bird, as previous boats have been. Still working on final choice of which species; I will keep you posted. It will also take this hatchling a while to be fledged ...


This message is also a Thank You note for all the help and and advice you have provided. 










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Worth noting: the panels in the previous post that are "flat" on the cradle weren't really flat. They sat on the cradle for a few days and a couple of those had a greater impact on panel shape: my garage flooded in hurricane Florence. The okoume didn't get wet but it was warm and humid and there were a few flexes in the wrong direction. It has take a few days moving around a couple of buckets of chain to get the hull to follow the shape of the cradle and settle into proper form.

prep (10).png

during (8).png

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Nick, thank you for sharing the hatch.  As you may know that first big moment, the opening can be inspiring, thrilling and a bit intimidating.  Good job!  Look fwd to following of your birds fledgling moments.  And thanks for pictures



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