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Brian Dodds

Diva 2 Kayak For Sale - SOLD

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B&B Designs Diva 2 person kayak - about 80% complete. Built under Graham's supervision in his class at Pamlico Community College. Hull is glassed, needs fairing and epoxy on the deck. Hatch covers need finishing and seats sewn. Includes two spray vests and paddles. Located in Pamlico County, NC  Phone -two 5 two-876-3 one 42 or beedee42atgmail.com


$400 OBO

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    • By BadPig
      Here's the base I'm working off of to cut the frames and coaming out. I cut holes in it to give me more clamping options. 
      Getting the frames out. Here's where the holes in my table are coming in handy.

      I think I'm going to end up needing more clamps.

      The holes end up being useful for more than just clamping.
    • By DreadBiscuit
      So I will begin with the end product (well about 90% finished) and then tell the story/build history of this wonderful boat!  
      First things first though; thanks to everyone here who indirectly answered questions about this build by posting your own builds, and especially thanks to Jeff for the designs!  
      I have not named this boat, but it is a Short Shot coming in at 16' 7" total length with the premium 6oz polyester coated with Rustoleum oil-based paint in blue and silver.  I actually finished it in early August of last year (2016) as my goal was to have it ready for an annual paddle trip with the local boy scout troop I volunteer with.  I did two, 3-4 mile paddles a few days before the 4 day and 50+ mile trip across all of the Saranac Lakes in the Adirondack State Park.  It handled beautifully, and has zero leaks since day one!  
      Without further ado, here she is in her current glory (well a year ago, after fresh paint).  I began to paint silver scales down the length of the bottom, but ran out of time before the big paddle trip.  I plan to finish them this year now that it's getting warm again and also do blue scales down the top on the silver base.  
      This image was taken after I moved from the apartment into a house with a garage.  I got the frame built and skinned before the move and then painted it at the new place.  You will see all of this in later posts.  BTW, I have tons of pictures.  If anyone wants to see anything in particular, just ask and I can upload any others I have or even go take more pictures.  

    • By Garry
      Has anyone experimented with fitting a pedal drive to one of the Birder kayaks? Have you seen any plans for adding a rudder?
    • By capt jake
      For Sale
      17' Cedar strip sea kayak, Water tight hatches fore and aft, Custom wooden paddle
      Weighs 47#. Design by onceoceankayaks.com Expedition Sport. Used 2 times and presently hangs inside the home in the entry....dying for use!
      Sacrifice at $2500 OBO

      Please use e-mail in my profile, not the one on my website.
    • By Michael Collins
      Well, I finally got around to starting my first boat. I hope that this is just the first. I want to build a Core Sound. I have moved to a place that gets cold in the winter (Idaho from Florida). So, I hope to get this boat or at least most of it done before it gets to cold to work outside. Sorry about the picture quality. I was too lazy to go get a real camera and shot these with my phone. I will not do that again.
      Graham, building the Diva reminds me of the months working with you. Even the smell of epoxy brings back fond memories. I did get Brian involved when I folded the boat and tied in the bulkheads. I hope your cleanup is coming along. I wish that I could be there to help.

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