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Reached a major milestone yesterday......


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I have been lurking around the B&B Forum for awhile but I just branched out to the Main Forum and noticed your Huskie build. Three years ago I was going to build a modified Huskie out of plywood and without the tunnel for recreational use on Thailand's larger reservoir lakes. Propulsion was going to be the typical 4 stroke lawnmower type Thai "longtail" motor hung on the transom. I also planned a full hardtop for sun and rain protection. Although I never cut the first piece of wood, I did go so far as having a trailer custom built, since trailers of any type other than big rigs are a rarity in Thailand. Too bad the trailer is so far away or I would gladly sell it to you if you needed one. I moved away from those large reservoirs so my plan has changed and I am getting ready to start constructing a larger boat for coastal waters.


Good you didn't notch the sister keelsons around the frames. That would have been out of plan spec and surely reduced their strength.


I will look forward to following the rest of your build.





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Your trailer looks well built...I will purchase one in the near future but have decided on a tandem axle not for weight but for additional security while towing.....I've watched many a Youtube on those "longtails".....appears they're designed for shallow water navigation.


I did agonize over whether or not to notch around the frames since the plans don't indicate either way...I'd rather have the strength than looks anyway.


My brother & I flipped the boat yesterday so we could clean up the tunnel and complete the transition from the bottom to the tunnel .....the plans don't address that either.....I'll probably spend the next two days fitting the skeg.


GL on your build....

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