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  1. Hi Bob, This is one of Michael Storers balanced lug rigs on one of Grahams "Flyfishers" the trick it seems on making the rig very manageable when it blows a bit is to have lots of downhaul tension on the boom, enough that the yard has a couple of inches of curve at the ends. As Lynn said, Storers website has a wealth of information on making balanced lugs work well. Best to all, Steve
  2. Would appreciate all and any input from fellow members and designer regarding sailing experience with a Lapwing compared to the CS 15 and or CS 17, Am looking for a new project for the shop and as a sailing teaching tool for the grand-nieces, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mostly sailing within river estuaries and lagoons here on the Northwest coast with occasion forays into the harbor and coastal waters weather permitting. No more than two or three helping hands/crew at a time and only sailing experience was many years ago playing and racing a fondly loved snipe. Thanks, Steve
  3. Hello Joe, if you still have this CS-20 for sale let me know per phone message I left with you. Thanks, Steve
  4. I agree with Graham, in my experience with ocean fishing dory's here on the West coast the 304 and 18-8 fasteners below water line do not fare well after several years. Though Anchorfast nails used for ply fasteners on their bottoms after 24 years in one case still appeared to be as good as the day I drove them in. Had to do a repair job for a fella that required removal of some bottom ply around the motor well and discovered this. Bronze boat nails seem to do well as long as the owner is careful of electrolysis damage especially within marinas. We had one of our dorys suffer damage to bronze 3/8 chine bolts when loosening was noticed between frame and chine and sideply, when bolts were pulled some parts of the bolt were only 1/8 in dia. This boat had spent one season tied up in a sport marina and we think battery chargers or very poorly grounded docks were at fault, as well as owner not maintaining zincs. The bonding strap on these bolts had also been cut at some point in time so not the bolts fault.
  5. We shall be holding you in our prayer chain Carla. Our best to you and Graham, Steve & Cheryl
  6. Thanks Scott and Howard for the lead to Bradshaws book. Thinking this summer will try one of Grahams cat rigs scaled down to fit the Flyfisher and play with some simple leeboard designs. Have really enjoyed building Grahams Flyfisher, small, light, simple in the shop and on the pocketbook, Yet Big on fun, performance and SMILES. Thanks again, and will post some pics as this project moves along. Steve
  7. Hello All, have completed and used a Flyfisher with decks for the past couple of years and am planning a new project to keep me from the bars. Have followed Hugh Hortons "Puffin" and Meade Gougons "Serendipity" over the years and was thinking maybe Grahams "Moccasin 2" may be an ideal foundation for a sailing canoe. Graham, what are your thoughts on the Moccasin for this type of use? Has anyone tried leeboards and a simple sail rig // similar to the cat rigs Graham uses on the coresound series? Any thoughts or experiences with sailing double paddle canoes are appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  8. Thanks Edward, have not been to the festival in many years. This opportunity to meet and listen to Graham as well as paddle about in one of his designs I built makes it a must on my calender. Steve
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