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    The Netherlands
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    Kayak and kayak building, sailing and camping.
    Made several great camping tours with my kayak on German rivers and the "Mecklenburger Seeenplatte" north west of Berlin.
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  1. Yes that was the case. Thank you for the design and the website. Daniel
  2. It works, the photo's are shown now but the text is doubled. I mean that at the end the tekst is repeated with blanc photo squares. So something is still wrong in your website.
  3. Still no pictures for adding hatches at http://www.kudzucraft.com/web//?s=hatches
  4. How doe you get the water out when the floor boards are lashed in place? There is no way to reach in with a sponge. When you step in with wet feet or your paddle drips in summer when your skirt is open you always get some water in.
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