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  1. Paul: Thank you for that. Super helpful.
  2. Nevermind - I just realized all I have to do is adjust the way I drew the grid on the blank so I can include the top curve.
  3. I'm using plans from 2006 to finish my core sound 17. The plans say to cut a 15" x 30" blank (which is plenty to fit the rudder shape) and then a grid is provided so that I can make the shape. The grid however is 11 squares long (33") Does anyone have an updated grid plan for the rudder shape?
  4. Yeah - I think that is right Don - Thanks.
  5. What should the actual size of the centerboard be at the end? The one showing the shape outline actually measures a little over 14" to scale whereas the other states a 12.5" dimension. Which should I use?
  6. Thanks Paul. Not to be a luddite, but how do I search for those?
  7. Does anyone have any plans/advice for putting a motor well in the aft deck of a core sound 17?
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