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  1. Thanks Pete, that is another interesting perspective. Hadn't thought about storing the sprits in the sail bags. I'm going to pull a hem out of one of my sausage bags (for the mast end to go through) so that I can wrap it around the sail, and then I will trailer it to see. So I can see what is faster, going to the trouble of leaving the sails attached to the masts, or the trouble of pulling them off and on each time. guess I will need a stopwatch to see which approach gets me in the water faster.
  2. Thanks for the great info Graham. I can see how once you have the furling spinnaker, its not so attractive to use the staysail cause maybe both will point about the same anyway (which is not as good as the working sails if you are beating upwind). Is the sail area about 2.4 times larger for the spin over the staysail (the price ratio:) out of curiosity? As you say, you may be able to deploy the staysail in higher winds than the spinnaker with sail size difference and lee helm you mentioned earlier so maybe it makes more sense to start with the less complicated sail since I'm not
  3. Hi Graham, I'm digging up some old threads here because I'm interested in adding some sail area to SB for light wind days and I see on the B&B web site there are some extra sails listed for the CS17mk3. Are the listed prices for the sails only or do they include any bits of hardware? And I can see that the Mizzen Staysail is most certainly easier to install and rig but if one has your furling asym spinnaker mod, is there any reason to also have the Staysail? Like are there any points of sail that the staysail will be better than the spinnaker on? Like can you poi
  4. Those are nice crutches. I managed to leave my sails on the masts of the CS17Mk3 but I only have one bag long enough to cover what I need to cover so that they don't flog when trailering. I'm going to need to find a second 18 foot bag to try that experiment. But with the sails on, the hatch is a lot harder to open and close as well as putting in the companionway slats. So the jury is still out whether this procedure speeds up rigging time or not since there is some extra tying to be done and slipping the bags past the crutches, etc.
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys! I did take her out over the weekend and tested the new oars...those monsters are huge, that's for sure (about 11'1" long). I also did get my GPS connected and am pondering what type of installation I should do with it...most people do opt for the swing out of the companionway I suppose so they can use it in or out of the cabin..but I may need to look around at some other installations for inspiration before I commit to anything. Back to the oars, I contemplated cutting off 6 inches of the uppers because when I pulled them inboard more, they were much
  6. Hi folks, this is my first post here and I just wanted to introduce myself as the new owner of Summer Breeze! After being a fan of the CS17mk3 for a while (but not having the time to build one myself) I finally talked Dale into selling SB to me and I'm happy that I was also able to read her whole build history here on this thread so I hope its ok to resurrect it after a year. Having access to Chick should be an interesting experience and quite bi-lateral since I'm a pretty active Internet/Social Media kind of guy myself so you can hear all about how SB will live on through my adventures. A
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