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  1. I am looking for a boat design to fit my family. We have a 25' tri-toon with a 250 yamaha and we love everything it can do except that its not a great fishing boat. We also have a 18' CC Blazer bay but its wet when the chop come up. So i want something to kinda bridge the gap. At first I was looking for a power cat, but wanted something with a cabin. We went boat camping with the trip-toon and camped on the beach and we loved it. A boat with a cabin that we could coastal/river camp would be ideal. I enjoy the speed of our tri-toon and jumping the waves but it scares the family so something a slower is needed. The design needs to be able to be fished from in shallow Mobile Bay, but capable of off shore when conditions are right , less than 3' in the gulf to run offshore and fish. I would like to run a pair of small outboards for security sake. Would the Bluejay fit my needs? or do I keep looking?
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