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  1. Now that the snow has melted it's time to get some plywood! I've found a local supplier for Hydrotek (in stock) but price still comes out to near $1000 for the BRS17 including taxes (3/8" for $110 and 1/4" for $77). At least it's local and in stock, so I should be able to pick clear sheets. I've attached the MSDS for the plywood in case anyone is interested... some good info there. SKM_C454e17042710050.pdf
  2. Thanks for the quick reply PAR. Stem will be wrapped inside and out with fibreglass, so like you said, shouldn't be an issue.
  3. After reading more about wood use I'm debating my selection of ash for the stem. My resoning is if the bow gets dinged or rubbed, water might get to the wood, and ash doesn't do well if exposed to water. For the BRS the stem is made of 2 laminations of 3/4" lumber and there is no curve in the stem. I'm thinking white oak or douglas fir might be better here for rot resistance, and also I'm not sure of the best orientation of the grain... would flat sawn or quarter sawn be best? 1) plan view flat sawn: stem cap ========= //========\\ <---hull side stem 2) plan view quarter sawn: stem cap ||||||||||||||||| //|||||||||||||||||\\ <---hull side stem
  4. That's right Chick. Different configurations different days. I like fishing and sailing and have room in the driveway for one boat It will likely only see freshwater lakes and rivers, although I like the idea of sailing to Key West one day... we'll see. I've had great feedback from Don and the BRS15 he build has really inspired me. He is using a 6hp on that, and I think the 10hp would likely suit the BRS17 best for the load intended. When I get to putting her in the water I'm sure I'll play with the different size motors to find the sweet spot.
  5. The discussion about motor boats is relevent since that is what the boat is when configured with an outboard. The motor will be clamped to the centre of the transom and will be at the recommended depth below the keel. This confirms that no changes are required. I just have to get a long shaft motor and everything should land in the right spot.
  6. Thanks wwbaginski, I found the detail in the plans. It is indeed 19.5" from cutout to keel so a long shaft is needed. I wouldnt want to lower the transom. Drawing of DWL shows 14" to cutout which I'm comfortable with in the waters Ill be in.
  7. The BRS17 plans have the notch like yours Don. I don't have a motor yet so it's good to know that a short shaft should work. The motor will be clamped on the transom, definately don't want it catilevered out any further aft than necessary. In sail mode the outboard would be left ashore and oars or a small electric motor would be used. I will add a knee from transom to keel and also where the tramsom meets the gunwales. I find the aft corner reinforcements a great place for tying off and as handholds.
  8. Interesting detail, I like the knee you added. Plans do call for 1/4" ply transom, 3/4" solid stiffener, and 3/8" ply to complete the sandwich in the motor mount area. From your picture it looks like you omitted the ply that covers the transom stiffener and filler piece. Thanks for the tip about the stem & transom tapers. Best to leave some extra now and fine tune during assembly. I'll ask Graham about the keel delete to see if anything needs to be beefed up.
  9. Well I've got the plans now, I'm officially BRS17 #156, just have to make it 3D and float. I went to the local specialty store today and got some ash for the centerboard and stem. Picked the 5/4 for the centerboard and will be laminating strips as per the plans. I found 4/4 QS for the stem and stem cap, figured QS would be better at the bow. I haven't decided on the transom yet, was considering solid wood but it would be pretty heavy. The plans call for solid wood framing and plywood skin. I estimate this would be about 1/2 the weight of a solid transom. Don I noticed you used a solid transom... what thickness is it? Any reinforcement? I plan on using a 10hp motor, so any input would be helpful.
  10. Now that you mention your receipts, could you share the price you paid for the plywood and what grade? I'm going to build the BRS17 and have found that using BS1088 (7 sheets 6mm, 3 sheets 9mm) brings me to about $770 USD plus taxes and shipping I'd be at $1000 for the plywood. Obviously I'm still shopping around.
  11. Thanks for all the good information guys. Don that was the first time I saw the BRS kitted out for fishing and is exactly what I have in mind. I usually have the electric trolling motor on the transom, but the bow mount looks slick (I hope you didn't drill too many holes in that beautiful deck). The other side of the story is sailing and for the waters I have in mind the extra length / capacity of the 17' should be an asset. Think I'll order the plans now and get started on getting the material together for a spring build.
  12. Thanks Steve & Chick. I've read most of what's available for the CS and BRS. I really think the BRS17 will fit the bill... I was just looking for other opinions. I think 17ft is good for solo and could handle up to 4 adults on board. Reality is it would usually be me and 1 adult or 2 kids. So if it bogged down occasionally with 4 adults that would be a rare situation. I am in Ottawa, ON and have seen a couple videos of B&B boats on Lake Ontario, and would love to see one in person to get a better feel about scale and details. Haven't seen any locally though. It's been a while since I've sailed and would like to get back to that as well. Used to sail Lasers 20 years ago but would appreciate something drier now.
  13. I'm looking to build a boat and generally like the B&B designs. I think the CS17 and CS20 look great but I'm after the utility that the BRS17 has for my criteria: 1. Handle rivers up to 3km wide x 20km long, inland lakes including Lake Ontario & Lake Erie plus small / shallow rivers and canals 2. Solo and up to 4 adults with fishing gear for casting & trolling 3. Solo and up to 2 adults 2 kids sailing 4. Handle motor suitable for fishing with loaded boat (800#-900# people & gear) 5. Trailerable / beachable 6. Sail camping The BRS15 might do, but would be tight quarters and close to DWL with 4 guys fishing. The BRS17 looks like it would be more appropriate given the criteria... nice to have spare room and longer water line. What motor would suit this scenario? 20HP? Would it plane? I saw a 15HP max listed for the BRS15 but nothing listed for the BRS17. Is stretching the BRS17 to 19 or 20ft an option or would that really need a new design? At this point I'm thinking of a BRS17 with 10HP outboard + electric trolling motor on transom. I know it really looks like I should build 2 boats but the BRS looks like it should do the job. Not much is written up about the BRS17 specifically. Any insight is appreciated.
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