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  1. Thanks. The frames are Baltic birch from Kudzu Craft. All of the other wood is cedar.
  2. To paddle solo, I am sitting on the back of the bow seat, facing the stern. Keep in mind that this design is symmetrical, so both ends are the same. It doesn't matter which direction you paddle it. And, yes, the bow seat is too far forward to paddle as a tandem. Thanks for the positive feedback. Glad you can not look too closely.
  3. The Crawfish I am building is ready to skin.
  4. Very nice. You have to tell us the story...why four?
  5. Thanks Woodman. I had seen your pictures before starting my build and found you work very inspiring. Love you Stonefly. Wish I had you skills.
  6. Finished the frame of my Crawfish. I painted it brown to cover up the mistakes and so the dark frame will show through the translucent skin. Now I need to cover the mistakes I made while painting...drip city.
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