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  1. Hi Nic, I’ve only used Bote-Cote and it has been great. Very little odour, 2-1 mix, and apparently less toxic than others. I’m in Melbourne and have bought from their local agent as well as from Pacific Boatcraft in the Gold Coast area. Regards, John
  2. Hi Andrew and Ken, Any updates on on your Rocky builds? I started to build hull #21 at the end of 2016 and have nearly finished the hull planking - chose to cold mold the hull in two layers of ply as I didn't fancy my chances of getting the curvature right at the bow section. I'm located in Melbourne, Australia. Regards, John T.
  3. Thanks Steve, I'm looking forward to participating where I can. You are no doubt right, the designers would have it all figured out. The set of plans that I received didn't have any views of the boat from the bow or the stern, it doesn't look like they are needed for the build but I did wonder about this as the drawing sheets are not numbered. Has anyone measured the "head-room" within the cabin? All the best with the completion of your build. Blessings, John
  4. Hello everyone, This is my first post so please excuse any unintended impoliteness. I'm a novice boatbuilder located in Melbourne, Aus (the CS20Mk3 will only be my second after a CLC Northeaster Dory build fron plans a couple of years back) so these threads are extremely valuable to me. In post #6 Drew showed his hull pieces ready to be unfolded. I am just wondering whether there is an adjustment in bulkhead size to be made when one builds from the plans rather than the kit, as the kit square tooth jointing method would lose an inch or so of material. Also, I notice Drew has pre-jointed the
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