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  1. Im interested in the sail. john 714 837 8102
  2. here is the link to craigslist for anyone interested. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/boa/d/national-city-10spindrift-sailing-dinghy/7339535318.html
  3. Their is a spindrift 10 sailboat that looks new on craigslist san diego, ca. The owner is only asking $1200. Even if was half the country away this location i would drive there to pickup this deal. Ive driven as far as florida to pickup a boat. Again let me reiterate you will be hard pressed to find a better dinghy sailboat and row boat. I was lucky enough to purchase a nestling spindrift 11 sailboat in ventura for almost three times this price without a trailer. I put in removable seats and cant say enough good things about this boat. I prefer to sit on the floor when sailing but the boat sails really well with side seats also.
  4. the one thing that bothers me is the anderson mini bailer leaks and does not excrete any water out of the boat no matter how fast i sail...I was thinking of purchasing the supersuck bailer. It is supposed to work at even a lower speed than the anderson bailer. Anyone have any information on this product? Also when installing a rubber seal on the anderson bailer what adhesive do you recommend?
  5. Thanks for the compliment. Your lapwing is absolutely gorgeous. Awesome craftsmanship went into that sailboat...Anyways you will have to make a few rope adjustments before it feels right. 2 or 3 inches either shortening or making the rope longer will make a big difference in how easy it is to use the rope ladder. Good luck
  6. When i am taking on a passanger i prefer to have them sit on the floor in front of the centerboard. I just detach the boomvang and place a soft cushion on the floor and another cushion next to the mast for back support. This is a good place to give instruction when teaching someone to sail for the first time. By the way this is a fantastic boat to teach a beginner to sail. The side seats are very comfortable and the shape of the hull makes for a very fast but stable ride. I can heel this boat where the water is just about touching the gunnel and the boat will not capsize. That is very reassuring.
  7. Originally when i rigged the boat with the main sheet attached to the floor of the cockpit i found myself getting in the way of main sheet each time i tacked so i decided to rig the boat with some blocks to the boom and a traveler. I also attached a ratchet and cam cleat to the back end of the seating thwart so that i could lazily sail the boat without holding the main sheet. On the traveler i decided to tie a knot in the center of the traveler so that it would not move. A traveler that has allot of movement gives a greater chance of the rope getting wrapped around the tiller and causing more disorder. One thing i decided i needed to do was extend the tiller. Sitting comfortably next to the center thwart noticeably improves windward performance and i don't have to strain my arm extending it. The only real danger that i can view sailing in a small dinghy in the marina is sailing on a broad reach. It took me over a year to figure why my boat would accidentally jibe. Now i lessen my fear by sitting in the cockpit sailing downwind so i that if i get distracted chatting with someone on my cell phone (am i the only one), i will not be too concerned if the boom decided do a accidental jibe. I would hate to think of a very strong breeze causing an accidental jibe. Would it be possible for the boom of this size boat to strike you and cause you to go unconscious? Can anyone relate a story to such an incident?
  8. Another problem for me was getting back in the boat....I wonder if age is catching up to me(i am 54). A kid who was acting as a lifeguard had to pull me in the boat. Again it was quite embarrassing since i told everone around me that i intentionally capsized the boat to practice the drill. Even though the waters in southern california are quite warm it still bothers me how anxious i get capsizing any boat. Can anyone relate? Well i solved the problem by making a rope latter tied to a cleat at the back of the stern. The foot portion has a plastic part made out of plumbing parts from home depot. It works like a charm. I will try and post a picture
  9. I sail mostly at los alimitos bay in long beach or newport beach near the dunes (the back bay). If anyone wants to try out a spindrift 12 before wanting to invest in building one or just is curious to sail in one i am happy to oblige most weekends. I did some capsize test on this sailboat and here are my observations. First the boat didn't really want to go over so that is reassuring. First couple of times that i capsized the boat i couldnt do self rescue. I pulled my weight (230 lbs) on the centerboard and couldnt get it to right itself. The boat turtled the second time and i needed a lifeguard to dive under the water and pull up the mast level with the surface of the water before we both pulled on the centerboard to right it. That was embarrassing to say the least! I came up with the idea of tying a piece of rope thru the oar locks for leverage. When i swam around the boat i pulled on the rope while i placed both legs on the bottom of the hull for leverage. The boat came up immediately. The one thing that still bothered me was that the boat can turtle in some cases and the mast can get stuck in the mud in shallow water so i decided to buy a bleach bottle as a flotation device and tie it to the top of the mast so that the mast is less likely to turtle.
  10. Just wanted to say that i have owned many dinghy sailing boats and i must say that this boat is my favorite. I bought it from a gentleman in portland oregon about 8 months ago. When the wind picks up this boat leaves many similiar sized boats in the dust. The zippered luff sail makes the boat easy to put up the sail and take down if you just want to row. It also rows very well for such a small boat. I do not like to race but am a leisurely sailor so i reef the sail often once it gets past 10 mph winds. Plus i frequently sit on the floor and just have the sail out past 45 degrees so there is little chance of capsizing. On reply to this topic i dont see a logo to post a picture....
  11. Originally i wrote a long introduction with a attachment and only the attachment was saved or printed....
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