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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I am in the process of getting a roof rack. As Jeff pointed out, safety is paramount. Your Ravenwood looks beautiful.
  2. I have a Honda CR-V and no roof rack. I would like to try the foam and strap idea. Is this recommended and where might I find the foam blocks?
  3. Well, I just bought the plans and I'm building a Short Shot and my friend just built a Ravenwood so we are not part of the problem ? but .... as a Boy Scout leader I've seen a huge decline in outdoor activity and I think it is seen everywhere. Backpacking, hobbies and sport are all seeing less participation. We are becoming an indoor people. On the kit building theme, my brother and I grew up building and flying balsa model airplanes so the Short Shot is just a floating version of those kits. When I we had a model building day at the scouts not one boy had ever seen let alone built a plastic model. I was shocked. I don't know if it is a phase but I think computers have changed the way people play.
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