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  1. Furtrader, I did check with my cousin. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any of the wooden threaded clamps. He said he never really liked them himself. While using them, he said " in order to get them really tight, you often had to tighten them as tight as you could, and then drive a wedge between the clamp and the piece being tightened. Before checking further, I'd like to know you'll be visiting the forums . I do have a possible source for information locally. The "Lowell's Boat Shop" is a working museum which has been building boats continually since 1793. It is the oldest continually running boat building shop in the United States. I'm sure they would have what you are looking for.
  2. If it was mine I would use exterior grade okoume plywood and coat it with resin after you fit and make all of the necessary cuts and holes. If you completely seal the wood it should never rot. Glue the carpeting on top and enjoy.
  3. For flat cables, such as Ancor #6, make two measurements. The thickness and the width. Drill two holes, whose outside circumferences are slightly larger than the cable sheath width, and whose diameter is slightly larger than the thickness of the cable sheath. Make a razor cut through the rubber seal that passes from the outside, through one hole and into the second hole. With the razor, trim the two triangles of rubber that separate the two holes (open up the rubber seal and lay it out flat to facilitate the trimming). Now assemble the Cable Clam with the flat cable and you have a water-tight seal. The picture shows two separate cables, but the principle is the same.
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