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  1. A major reason for wanting a lift keel/cruising version of the 5.80 is to reduce the cost of keeping the boat. I find the 5.80 a very enticing design, a wholesome, solid and very capable boat. The kit design and video is an amazing piece of work. However, with a fixed keel, the difficulties involved in keeping the boat look too hard, at least for me. With 1.4m draft it will have to be kept on a mooring or in a berth. However, these are expensive and may not be available. Alternatively one could put the boat on a trailer/jinker and keep the boat on hardstanding but this would n
  2. An issue to be mindful of when designing a lithium battery system is fire. A friend of mine nearly lost his boat to fire due to a failure in one of the lithium cells. This was despite having a battery monitoring system that had been carefully designed to deal with this possibility. Sticking with Torqeedo’s engineered BMS solution is probably a good idea
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