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  1. This stuff looks good. Defender has it for $8.49 a foot, which could save you a few bucks if you need less than 50 feet. https://www.defender.com/category.jsp?name=gunnel-guard&path=-1|2276155|2276156&id=2276157 Dan
  2. Carla, No doubt your recovery will not be as quick as you would like. Important thing is that take care of yourself and do what the good doctors say -- everything else will take care of itself. Dan
  3. Lars, Great job. You've gotten as far in one month as I have in 2 years! Look forward to seeing your continued progress. Dan
  4. Recently just purchased plans for a Spindrift 10N to use primarily as a explore dinghy for my 19' O'Day Mariner. Have plywood, epoxy and fiberglass tape and hope to start on the build next week. The Mariner is a great boat, but the cabin is a little small. I'm 6'2" and don't quite have sitting headroom. The Belhaven and the Princess 22 Sharpie have caught my eye as potential 'next' boats. I know that I should probably actual build the Spindrift before starting to think about building another one -- but what is the fun in that. I thought I read in one of the posts on this forum that the Belh
  5. My questionable math tells me that 6' 6". That's seems pretty spacious for a 19' boat.
  6. Looks Great! Thanks for the pics. How long are the berths? Dan
  7. Well I went to Boulter's today -- it happened to be the sale tax holiday weekend -- no sales tax! Decided to go with okume and Douglas Fir to get started. I'll be back with more questions soon. Dan
  8. Hve had the plans for the Spindrift 10 nesting dinghy for a couple of weeks and getting ready to move into the action phase. Will be picking okume tomorrow at Boulter's and while I was there thought maybe I would pick up lumber for the gunwales, transom stiffener and skeg. The common choices seem to be ash and white oak. The dinghy will be painted and not have a bright finish. That said what are the best choices -- considering that suitability, durability and cost are the main concerns? In addition to ash, Boulter's also has red oak, birch (natural, red and white), poplar, and some others (htt
  9. I built a Mirror Dinghy about 35 years ago using the stitch and glue method. I think that the directions just called for trimming the the copper wire as close as possible to the panels once the glue had set. Don't recall that the copper wires were removed -- just glassed and epoxied over. Is that not acceptable any more? Dan
  10. Thanks for responses. I rechecked the available space in the back of the minivan with just the rear most seats folded down (just in case there passenegers who want to sailing with me ), and it looks like only the Two-Paw 8 would fit comfortably. So I'm leaning toward the nesting Spindrift 10. Figure I can stow in the van if there are no passengers, and I can car top if there are passengers, which means I'll also have help getting on the car. I presume the nesting Spindrift 10 is sufficiently rigid that it can be placed on the car top when it is assembled (not nested). Thanks, Dan
  11. Having trouble deciding which dinghy would better meet my needs and figured it would be best to ask those most familiar with the designs. Here's the background... The dinghy would be used primarily as a tender for my 19' O'Day Mariner -- so it would be towed and not stored on deck. So it should tow well. It would typically be used to transport one -- maybe two adults -- or one adult and a couple of kids. Don't think it would be used to haul a lot of stuff -- mostly people Would also be used as a beginner sailboat for 13 to 15 year old kids. I would like a nesting dinghy so that it
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