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  1. You don't need dowels. watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VznUjj7fcs4. I used this method it works great, forget the cord just sew as in the video.
  2. I would like to build a Skin on frame Faering for rowing and sailing. This might not be the place to ask but I would like to find some boat design software for my project. Any one have any ideas? Thanks
  3. bil

    Float Bags

    You may be right, it probably will be tippy. I mostly scaled down the length. I kept the center of gravity and the seat location as per the plans. This is a Wolfgang Brinick design and I wrote him and he said as long as I kept those things the same it would not adversely affect the handling. But these boats are tippy anyway. The other boat is Jeff's freebee 14" design and I stuck to the plans so that boat will probably be fine. I had 14' western red cedar left over from the freebee that is why I scaled it down. The original plans for the Greenland style boat called for 16' gunwales, str
  4. bil

    Float Bags

    I finally got around to taking frog pictures. Almost ready to skin.
  5. bil

    Float Bags

    Sorry I didn't mean to offend. I thought I was not explaining myself well. The Greenland is styled after a West Greenland style I saw on a Greenland traditional site. Here is a picture attached. Thanks again for the help.
  6. bil

    Float Bags

    I had originally thought vinyl but contractors trash bags are 3mil thick and very strong and easily sealed with a heat strip. The styrofoam peanuts I mentioned was just a thought. I didn't know they made them out of corn starch. But I have two bags full of real styrofoam I have saved from packing of things I received like the bandsaw I ordered and electronics etc. They are very light and don't absorb water and cost nothing and I can always pull them out if necessary. Once sealed and in place their is very little chance of them leaking. I am 70 years old and paddle on a very shallow river
  7. bil

    Float Bags

    Thanks for the info but no one answered my question. I understand that the purpose of a float bag is to reduce the volume of water that can get into the boat, there by making it easier to empty or re-enter. Float bags at $70-80 dollars is hard for me to swallow. What I purpose is a contractor's trash bag filled with pieces of styrofoam to fill the cavity bow and stern sealed up to make it water tight. It would only cost a few dollars to make. The thread on the pool noodles or ping pong balls talked about the space between the balls and the noodles allowing more water than a float bag but
  8. Could broken up styrofoam or what is called peanut packing contained in a waterproof bag, say a thick vinyl bag, work for permanent flotation?
  9. Check out the videos in the blog. http://kayaksailor.com/
  10. How would spandex work for the skin?
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