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Seakeeper roll stabilization for Bluejacket 27.1 or 28

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Looking for comments and advice from Bluejacket owners on this.   I’ve been thinking about adding a Seakeeper 1 to the build of a Bluejacket 27.1 or 28.  The Seakeeper 1 is a 12 V DC powered unit that uses gyroscopic forces from a spinning flywheel to dampen roll movements.  As it weighs about 365 lbs, with associated battery power it would add about or slightly more than 400 lbs to the boat.  This is a considerable addition and certainly works against the mantra of lightweight that Tom Lathrop has established as a design parameter!  However, as he's said, "The Bluejacket designs have a large water plane and are relatively insensitive to added loading.”  My hope is that with care taken in construction to keep the build lightweight (and I’m not sure how this could be done…) and without further overloading the boat with other materials that this addition can be successfully incorporated.  If so, I would be looking at the best placement of this unit so as not to disturb the Bluejacket’s design integrity and dynamic balance.

I would be cruising in Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and north into SE Alaska.

Here is a page from Seakeeper with a description of the unit.   https://www.seakeeper.com/seakeeper-products/seakeeper-1/

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