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  1. Sorry, this new look has me confused .... Yes it can be lengthened ... I am doing the exact same thing. You should contact Graham ... there's some tweaking you have to do to the stem, and I had to make new stringer patterns, but everything else was easy. Good luck.
  2. Looks real nice! Amazing only a 40hp and she looks to be moving right along. Very nice job! I'll be starting my Ocracoke this week, so its always nice to see a beautiful boat custom built
  3. Really nice. I'll be following your posts as I am anxiously awaiting my Ocracoke plans! Wayne
  4. Well, finally (after much searching) decided to build the Ocracoke 20. Ordered my plans on Friday and am eager to get to work! After speaking with Graham I have decided to stretch her a bit to say 21'6, but I will make a final decision after reviewing the plans. Will undoubtably be posting more as things progress... Wayne
  5. Leo, thanks!!!! I'll email you some questions if you don't mind. I emailed Graham some questions...but do plan on ordering this week. I'm a finish carpenter/cabinet guy so the woodworking stuff "should" be okay. It's the glass I'm gonna have to get acquainted with. Good luck and have fun. I'm sure we'll be talking. BTW, where are you located? I'm not far from Winston-Salem NC
  6. wdbeyer

    Ocracoke 20

    Really serious about this boat ... wondering if you ever started...
  7. Graham, would you happen to have an estimate on a lumber list? I'm narrowing this down and that info would be a big help.
  8. Thanks guys! Graham, I appreciate your explanation on the plan cost ... I didn't realize that they were full size on Mylar. Certainly will save a lot of time throughout the project. Also the fact that you monitor these forums, and I assume will be there for those inevitable snafus that will come up, is very reassuring. One question, in your opinion, would getting the CD first be a help?
  9. Hi, first timer here. I've been searching for a 20' center console and fell in love with this design. I have been considering modifying other 20' flats-style boats to get that "carolina" look, but am feeling they may be too small for coastal fishing/cruising. This will be a first build for me and I plan on keeping the boat for a long time. Does anyone know how many of these have been built or in the works? I know I'll need support throughout the build and don't want to be the only guy out there building this. The plans are a little pricey compared to the others I've looked at, but in the grand scheme of things maybe not. Maybe I should buy the CD to get better familiarized first? I'm looking for some more detail on BOM so I can start some budgeting. Any advice is much appreciated. Wayne
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