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  1. One more thing.... my builder produces "sailing" versions of the same hull, with a drop-down centre board, and nice old fashioned rudder with a long tiller bar.
  2. First post ever on this site, so please bear with me if I'm too enthusiastic. I'm getting a "Gardiner" type dory built right now in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It's a Bank Dory, kind of like a St. Pierre, but the sheer isn't nearly so pronounced, and the beam is more in line with the narrower, traditional design. Better performance, but less deck space. Not too many photos yet, as they're only just finishing side planking. Can provide if there's interest. She'll be 25'9" long, 7'1" at mid-ship. 4' across the floor at mid-ship. Forward cabin with bunks, stand up wheel house with mini kitchen. Main mast with boom and block and tackle. In-board diesel with V-drive, so motor is covered over to produce a seat in the stern. I'm up in the Northhumberland Straight, but I grew up along the North Atlantic and I'll be taking over to wild side once or twice each summer, when I go on my "camping" trip.
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