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  1. In all that you have written you have not answered the first question.I cannot see a yes or a no.All your points are valid but not what I asked.Or perhaps I phrased it poorly. :smile: I will try to find a better way to ask it.
  2. Thankyou Par for responding to my post. I agree 100% that there are hulls far better suited for motors however Is is not a motorboat that I am looking for.Perhaps I should say not strictly a motorboat.As a matter of fact my preferred mode of travel is sail. 28` is pushing it a bit when it comes down to available building space and should be considered the upper limit.I am not worried about getting "there" fast just alive and that means the most seaworthy hull design I can afford to build.The problem is I don't have the knowledge to make an informed choice.You must admit though that the swampscott dory has quite the reputation.28 feet tight decked?
  3. Hello all.This is my first post As the subject says I have a a question about the boston powered dory.More specifically the boston powered dory in Building classic small craft by John Gardner.If it has proper ballast Is it capable of offshore cruising? The version that has me curious is the 28` version on page 427. at this point I am simply exploring options in hull designs.While I do intend to coastal cruise the possibility of offshore cruising would be nice.It seem to me that a tight decked swampscott dory properly fitted out might be just the ticket.
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