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  1. I got the Curlew skinned. Getting close to putting a finish on it.
  2. New Mexico, Thanks, working on the skinning.
  3. This is a view from my home, sort of what the terrain looks around here . It is very different than New England.
  4. Sorry about the FOSH instead of the FROG. In the mountains were I live, grass lawns are not readily available. I will try to improvise and come up with something.
  5. Frame on sawhorse. I hope to get this skinned this week. I lofted the curlew offsets from Jeff's book. I ripped the stringers out of cedar 2x6 and made the sections from Baltic Birch.
  6. Thank you for the tips. I found some 5x5 BB. I am going to pick some up tomorrow.
  7. I have been trying to find good plywood (marine okoume, baltic birch) locally (New Mexico) and not having any luck. It is starting to look like I will need to have plywood shipped to me. Having the plywood cut into smaller pieces will save tremendously on shipping costs. I would like to know what would be the optimal size to have these pieces cut into from a 4x8 sheet? I am looking at building a Poco Barta or Curlew.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I just finished a Seabee 13 foot and put it in the water last week. I scarfed all the stringers on that one. My decision is based more on which kayak will fulfill my needs for use on inland lakes in New Mexico. Even though I like the idea of using non-scarfed stringers.
  9. I found the answer to my question in a much earlier post. A similar question was asked with the same post title. The answer was to add a foot to the overall length of the boat to the stringers. Now I have to decide to either scarf wood for the Poco Barta or just build the Curlew without having to do any scarfing.
  10. Hello forum members this is my first post, I found the posts on this forum very interesting and informative. I discovered a fairly clean 16 foot cedar plank at a near by home improvement store. I ripped it and got 6 decent boards plus an additional board that would be good for scarfing. I am planning on building the Poco Barta. I would like to ask if someone would tell me if 16 feet is long enough for the gunwales, chines and keel or would I have to scarf a little extra in order to build the Poco Barta? I am also considering the Curlew. I recently lofted and built a Seabee 13 foot for my wife so now it is time to build myself a decent kayak.
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