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  1. I'm nearly finished and now wondering about the location of the screw-out deck plates. I bought a couple of plates that are 5-7/16 (6 3/4 overall) and would like to install the on top of the rear seat/floatation tanks. My initial thought was that they'd be more accessible for storing small accessories on the top rather than on the side of the tank. The top would also accommodate the larger size plates due to the internal supports. Do the plans specify the side and the relatively small diameter for structural reasons, or is the top acceptable?
  2. Thanks, I'll try that. After some more thought, it seems like if the hull is glued together now, twist might be induced once the tension from the winches is released. I guess it should be twist free under gravity alone.
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post--I've been lurking here getting lots of good info as I build and finally have a few questions myself! By now the boat is 3D and wired together. The hull, bulkheads, and transom all seem to fit well, and the boat has no twist in it that I can discern. Measurements from the peak of the bow to the corners of the transom are 109" +/- an 1/8", and sighting down the centerline, the tips of the nesting bulkheads "disappear" below the transom at the same time. I've made a number of spanish windlasses to pull the sides together bet
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