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  1. Thanks Lee, I even surprised myself at how well it turned out. Marvellous what you can do when you follow instructions!! Make sure you post some pics of your build too.
  2. Hi Lee, you are testing me now! I will try to upload a pic for you. ( Yep, it is a Mill Creek 13...wife said i had to start small and work my way up) here goes with attempt to upload.....
  3. Fore and aft it is...(i will let you all know if it snaps!!!!!)lol Gregg
  4. The Jacaranda Festival's Celebration of Wooden Boats is on again this year in Grafton NSW Australia. Friday 5th November will be a social sail/motor/paddle to one of the riverside pubs for lunch on the Clarence River, followed by the return to Grafton for the evening Venetian Carnival on the banks of the River. Saturday 6th November from 8am will be public viewing of boats at Corcoran Park off Villiers St. Gold Coin donation for entry for the public. Following the success of the event last year despite the inclement weather, all entrants were keen to attend again this year. The Plywood Pirates from Coffs Harbour will be attending with their beautifully crafted kayaks, as will steam boats and the many other craft from last year. More displays are organised for more viewing pleasure and participation of spectators. For more info or if you want to show your wooden boat, contact Gregg Spies on spies_clan@bigpond.com
  5. Hi Mitchell. My goodness how time gets away. I didn't realize i hadn't been on line since 2008?!!! Thanks for the pointers. The keel timber was starting to look very expensive, and i decided to put the Weekender on the back burner for a while. Then i got caught up with organising a wooden boat festival for Grafton Jacaranda festival (on again this year -2010 -first weekend in November) at which I had my set of forward facing oars set up on a couple of work horses. People wanted to see them on a boat, so i decided to build a Jimmy Skiff for the oars and this years festival. The Weekender still is a project to do, and as each project gets a little larger, it should be soon. How is your project going? Gregg
  6. I have to laminate three pieces if timber together for an unstayed mast, and the plans are not clear as to which way the glue lines should run...ie fore and aft, or side to side. I am thinking fore and aft, as it would be stronger in that plane and allow for mast flex to the sides. Am i correct? It is only a shortish mast at 4.6m long for a Jimmy Skiff and has a leg'o'mutton sail. Thanks
  7. Hi there Johnno, good to hear from you. I am located in Grafton northern NSW, so there is a fair distance between us, nearly two days (plus) travel by car to Melbourne from here. Great minds must think alike, as I am going to do minor bits first too, with bits of ply I have left over from the kayak I built. I plan on using Kwila (merbau) for the keel laminations, as I can get it through a local window manufacturer, and it will be straight! I think the only thing I have to do is to wash it lightly with acetone before gluing. What did you use for your keel? I was also thinking of using exterior grade ply for above the waterline items, as marine ply prices up here kills the wallet. Did you use all marine ply, or a mixture? At under $50 per sheet of exterior grade, it beats the price of marine ply which sells up here for around $120-180 per sheet, depending on thickness. The worst thing about starting the build is that the missus says I have to sell my big bowrider first so I have room to build the Weekender. Ah well, but a small sacrifice to pay to start building again.
  8. Yeah, the Stevensons website hasn't changed in the last 4-5 months that I have been looking, but I have read elsewhere in these forums that they are still supplying Paypal ordered plans fairly quickly. Gregg
  9. I think their website says they accept PAYPAL. If you go to the PAYPAL site and register, you can send payment through them to Stevensons. You have to give paypal a credit card number, but it is a secure site, and I have made many transactions with no worries whatsoever. Good luck Gregg
  10. Hi All, Just wondering if there were any Aussie owners/builders of Weekenders out there. I have just got my plans, and will be starting the build reasonably soon, but it would be great to discuss Aussie timbers suitable for the keel, plus a possible future get together.
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