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  1. Lyon


    I was thinking about building a Marissa and wanted to get someones input on the entire process before I jumped into it. If you have a moment I would great appreciate the opportunity to ask you a variety of questions. My email is lyon.ellison@verizon.net. Thank you very much.

    1. david bugden

      david bugden

      I know this is over a year old but did you start your build?  It's a great boat jumps up quick on a 40 hp rides like a dream .  Only thing you need to practise is she steers like a rear wheel forklift meaning, the back rotates and the nose sticks.  You will get to actually prefer this type of steering as she is real responsive.  A few things that cut costs are buy your steering wheel .. ( everything but the cable. I believe my cable length was 15'  and I reached with just enough)   throttle and shift cables were 17' as I mounted mine on the left hand side .  Pick up your fuse panel , wires and a 6 piece toggle switch .. More if your going to turn the front into a f 15 fighter jet ( more you add the more that goes wrong)   pick up a bilge pump... automatic.  Something I found invaluable..  Exterior led light strips hid under the edge of the rail so they cast light down at night and one inside the console on the same switch ... get the bright ones not the cheap ones.  Batteries... I ran two with a , 1 off 2 both and placed them in the front storage seat area of the console.  Ever kill a battery and have to row home ?  It sucks.   Drill a drainage hole in that sealed battery box dead center.. This way the water will drain in the middle and run out the back.  All those parts can be picked up a little at a time and on sale ... before the build.. I also ran two 3" wire paths under the floor... one on the left side and one on the right ( you'll be surprised how much wire and things go through the floor area... one pipe didn't cut it. ( gas line, steering , wires for motor , wires for stereo speakers , back lights , interior lights ..run to the back then up each side under the rails..  Downrigger wires , fish finder and sonar... etc. You can see how you need two pipes , one to the left side of the center and one to the right.  You also wanna leave enough room to actually replace any problem wires with out having to get a bottle of Ky jelly and a bum doctor. 

  2. I am thinking about building a Marissa and wanted to see if anyone around Kent Island Maryland/ Eastern shore is building one or another similar model. If possible I would like to assist or at least come see the project. 443-454-5966.
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