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  1. Thanks Even Keeled. Unfortunately I may have a major paint problem two weeks after coating and pre-launch. We'll see.
  2. Hi Folks, I finished my FreeB last week with it's deck rigging done. Jeff, your wife's Short Shot inspired the finished look. Thank you for offering free plans for people like me to try and get our feet wet with SOF boats. It worked! Now I have to order plans for Vardo!!!
  3. Beautiful work! I am just finishing my Free B frame and getting started on the coaming. I'm hoping to sew the skin on next weekend. I started on Thanks giving afternoon by ripping my longitudinals and laying out and cutting the frames. I used a laminate trimmer with a round over bit on all frame pieces and ther gave them a coat of satin polyurethane. On Friday I sanded and recoated. I started lashing and building on Saturday, and today, Monday I've just got to finish the gunwales to the stem and the fanny beams that I decided to add per some of Jeff's other designs. I've built 5 plywood epoxy sailboats, but none were as fun as this project. It's the closest thing to instant gratification in boatbuilding!!! I found the lashing to be extremely enjoyable when compared to spreading or sanding epoxy, etc. I also want to give a big shout out to Jeff for offering the Free B offsets for free! Thank you sir for giving us this beautiful little boat! I am already looking at one of your thinner longer designs, so yea...you got me hooked by giving me a "sample". ;~) I'm in Nashville and get to eastern TN a couple times a year, so I hope to meet you someday soon.
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