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  1. I wanted to protect the leading edge of the stem and came up with this. Using some leftover 1/4" OD copper tubing seemed to be the best answer. I flattened a section in a vise, annealed it, drilled some tiny holes and then fitted it. I gave it a good bedding of silicon caulk and fastened it with copper canoe tacks. I should take normal abuse and still be easily replaced if needed.
  2. I put another coat on deck for a total of one thinned, two regular, and 99% of all the pin holes are gone. Good enough for a deck. It now appears that the spot-massage job on the hull went well. I'll know more when I can launch it. I have now purchases two quart cans of Rustoleum Marine enamel, both Sand Beige, from the same Lowes, about a week apart, and the paint seems different…seemed thicker in the first can, thinner in the second. Hmmm But, all's well that ends well.
  3. I didn't like the process of lifting the lashing with a screwdriver for a couple of reasons. Foremost, because i keep losing my screwdriver. So, i held on to the little shallow wedges i had when scarfing stringers. Split down the middle, they became nice little lashing-lifters, perhaps safer to the fiber than a metal tool. And, there were always a couple nearby.
  4. Thanks to all. I ran right out of the first quart of paint and will be off to Lowes for a second quart today. So far, i have less than $20 invested in all the wood for my boat, and the doggone paint costs about $16/quart. I'm a thrifty ( cheap ) guy, and that's killin' me. I have just the thinned coat and on full coat on deck, so i needed more anyway. Jeff, do you mean three full coats or a thinned coat and two full coats? Oh……the wood. I bought a 14-foot 2 x 4 ( $5.38 ) and ripped all the stringers and gunwales out of it. I had another leftover 2 x 4 laying here. I us
  5. I am using the old standard 8 oz ( now apparently shown to be 6 oz.) Happy with the fabric, as it was easy to use, etc. I am using the Marine line of Rust O Leum oil based enamel. I thinned the first coat and rolled it on. Rolled on the second coat right from the can. The next day it was obvious that there were a million micro-pinholes through the fabric/paint combination. So, i manually brushed on the third coat. That took care of most of the micro-sparkle spots. Just tonight, i set the boat upside down on saw horses and put a desk lamp inside, then went around with a cotton
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