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  1. Hellooooooooooo out there! Anybody home?? I'm looking for a boat in Florida. I'd like to see one up close and personal and talk to someone who has used a blue jacket in the gulf of Mexico .
  2. Surprised that I haven't gotten an answer on this. How about taking her to the Bahamas from Miami.
  3. Hi, New here! My wife and I run the intercoastal and the Gulf of Mexico. We are ready to graduate to a boat that we could do occasional trips to the Bahamas and Caribbean. I was planning to buy a Panga because I could easily outrun bad weather, but then saw the Bluejacket. I could still outrun the weather but comfort would be an order of magnitude better! Would Y'all consider using the BJ 28 for a trip to Cuba? In a caravan of course. The Panga has made the trip MANY times. Thanks for your thoughts. ErnieKim PS; I'll be getting rid of the 1998 Scout (in excellent condition) if anyone is interested.
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