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  1. Thanks. Original paint was Rustoleum and I went back with it. I cleaned the boat with windex then went back over it with alcohol. Had to use two lite coats with a roller to get it to cover . You can still see the weave of the fabric and no change in flexibility.
  2. Not really a new launch but a redo of the firefly that Jeff built
  3. This is something I've been wondering about, and is just a question to those who know more about wood than I do (I work with metal , have for a long time but not much with wood ) . But before anyone freaks out , I'm not going to use anything that isn't on Jeff's approved list of materials . Is there any application for cherry in the building of these boats , don't really know what properties cherry has .
  4. Got to see these boats in person , the pix don't do them justice .They are really sweet . Nice work Jeff !
  5. I'll stay tuned to this thread , Shad is going to be my first sof boat project .
  6. Thanks for the input , I think baltic birch is also available locally , think I'll stick with a known product , just the start of what may be a number of questions when I start this project .
  7. Saw a post somewhere about mdo being used in place of baltic birch , just wandered if this is a good idea , being in the sign business I have access to it , thanks
  8. I love it , no one will mistake it for a plastic boat for sure ! Creative and fun at the same time . The more I look at it , those are some pretty sexy eyes for a zebra LOL
  9. Have to say the Shad tops the list , liked the way Jeff's paddled and they sure are purty . just have to clear room in the garage . My darling wife even said maybe you can get Jeff to build one for you , I guess she's seen enough of my building projects over the last 40 years or so (LOL)
  10. Very nice present , come to Tennessee , it was about 70 today with about 20 mph winds , tell us more about your project , it looks great under the tree
  11. Thanks , nice looking boat , first one I think I've seen
  12. Had the pleasure of meeting Jeff at the Nashville paddlefest and paddling one of his boats .Have to say I was impressed . I've found as I get older my long boats have been getting lighter , my current lake boat is a CLC 16 at 45lbs. I think it's time to take on a winter project and replace that with a new boat. All I have to do is decide which one , not an easy task . What I need is a boat that that's 20 lbs , tracks like on rails , turns like a sports car , and can maintain 5 knots while I drink my morning coffee, oops reality check LOL . Any suggestions from some with experience in these boa
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