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  1. I noticed that you used the side marker navigation lights. It is my understanding that they are no longer approved Clarification: As of Jul 2014 the Inland Navigation Rules have been amended to read the same as the International rules. The International Rules do not allow lights to be mounted below the sheer. It says : The sidelights of a power-driven vessel shall be placed at a height above the hull not greater than three quarters of that of the forward masthead light. They shall not be so low as to be interfered with by deck lights. This means you cannot have the sidelights below the sheer line of the hull on a boat configured for international OR inland rules. I repeat, on boats configured for inland rules you cannot use bullseye type lights below the sheer line. http://newboatbuilders.com/pages/navlts.html I was about to do them on a Jericho Bay skiff that I am currently working on, but then took pause from this information. Have you heard of this one before? I love the look of what you have done and would like to do the same... My next project is going to be a Marissa I hope once this one is complete.
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