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  1. Came across this video on wood magazine about testing exterior glue joints. Thought it might be helpful. (ok, back to lurking mode now, LOL) http://www.woodmagazine.com/woodvision/?sssdmh=dm17.375102&cid=507869917&lid=1243638292&tid=8683852001&esrc=nwwood42_09a&email=1401203737
  2. Posted this on the Duckworks forum. I enjoy this forum a lot so I'd like to share it here as well. Hi guys, I'd like to share a few pics of "Esperanza" navigating the Rideau, going through the locks, etc. My parents, my nephew and niece have embarked in this adventure. They started at Kingston, ON and they' ve made it half way to Smith Falls, about 100 km, there is another 100 km to Ottawa. I've gone a couple of times to check on them, bring them supplies and help my Dad row the longer legs of the journey. My mom then takes the car and goes to the next lock with the kids and wait for us. Yesterday we rowed about 31 km with Dad against a 5km/hr headwind. Today, I am sore, with blisters in my hands but happy and proud. I am working today, should I call in sick and go for a nice "siesta" ? ? LOL. Below is a webshots album with pics. Enjoy. Daniel http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/565664952bcAJHt P.S. I never thought that our humble boat would generate so much interest. People are constantly coming to check it and ask about it and praise the "beautiful" boat. From the top of the locks they've called down to me to talk about it, totally ignoring the incredibly expensive boats all around me.
  3. Added a trolling motor to "Esperanza" (RB42). I made an extension for the motor so we can steer the boat more confortably. It was soo nice that when we came back I actually could not remember what those sticks called OARS where for...Humm...LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQH0w3H0gR0
  4. hangflydany

    Two trips

    Great sailing and family time. It seems Stephen's adventure on the first trip was quite exciting with the broken rudder, sailing backwards, dead outboard. Memories for a lifetime.
  5. Hi Jeff, we live in Eastern Ontario, Cornwall to be exact, 5 minutes from the Saint Lawrence river. This boating enthusiasm is actually new to us. My dad always dreamed about boats but could never do it, being a minister and with a large family he could only dream about it. My passion was flying. I was an avid hangglider pilot. But when my children were born I quit, did not feel it was responsible for me to keep taking that kind of risk. But the desire to fly kept tugging at my heart. Then a friend introduced me to sailing and I became infatuated with it. It was JUST LIKE FLYING. The feel of the wind, the sails ( wings ), the whole experience was awsome. Two years ago I bought a CL-16 dinghy ( similar to the wayfarer 16 ) I have been enyoing it so much. I bought the plans for a Spindrift 12 but then I started building boats for family members. Now I am drooling over the Core Sounds, so many of them build recently, so nice looking. The family caught on our enthusiasm and we are having fun.
  6. Here is a youtube video. The youtube player should pop up inside this message. It takes a little while on my computer to appear, hope it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_gt0BjtHnc
  7. Hi everyone, my name is Daniel. I enjoy this forum a lot, avid reader, but only posted a couple of times on the B&B forum. We just launched (yesterday) "Esperanza" a RB42 by Jim Michalak. Here is a link for pics http://sports.webshots.com/album/563418002DQpeEk?vhost=sports Enjoy, Daniel
  8. Hi Tom, all surfaces of the canoe need to be covered/encapsulated with epoxy. When I built my sister's canoe Graham advised me to apply two coats if using the "roll and tip" method or three coats if using the squeege/plastic spreader method.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, actually I am trying to finish it. In a couple of days we'll be driving to my sister's place in Stratford, Ontario to bring her the canoe and spend some time with the family. Hopefully she'll get to use it some this season before our dreaded Canadian winter arrives. All is left is to varnish the interior and finish making and installing the seats. The seats are taking me a little longer than expected, have the frames done and the cleats glued to the boat. Those cleats actually made me sweat, gluing them and ensuring they were perfectly aligned so the seats would seat level in all directions. I never did any type of woodwork and was never known to be the handyman type so many times I end up re-inventing the wheel. Nevertheless I am really enjoying boatbuilding and already dreaming of my next boat which I hope to keep ;D, as the first one went to my Dad and the second to my sister. Daniel
  10. Thanks everybody for your input. It really helps me to analyse things and put them in perspective. The idea of going for one of the bigger B&B boats it's very tempting. If I do that I also know that at one point I will have to build the Spindrift as well. I mean, how long will I be able to stare at the plans I already have and not do anything about it? Wow, boat building is addictive. Thanks again
  11. The reason I asked about the Spindrift 12 being used for rowing longer distances is because of my Dad. He loves rowing, Dories especially. In fact I built him a little 11 + feet Dory. His boats have to have very narrow transoms. So when I show him pictures of a Spindrift he immediately points to the transom and says
  12. Recently The Rideau Canal has been designated Canada's 14th World Heritage Site and the first in Ontario. Very scenic and packed with history. Check http://www.rideau-info.com/canal/
  13. Yes, last year I bought the plans for the Spindrift 12. I really like the look and lines of the boat and building it is withing my budget. I did not buy the plans with this trip in mind, I just wanted a little sailboat to sail singlehanded by myself. A bigger boat would be great, maybe in a couple of years. The adventure is not as extreme as it initially sounds. All along the coast, one after the other, there are marinas, provincial parks and little towns with places set to camp, shops to get groceries, little restaurants etc. It's a very popular route for canoes and kayaks. We'll only be making maybe 20 km a day and then set up camp ( a little camp that is). We'll have two weeks to complete the trip and if we don't finish it a quick telephone call to my wife and she'll go pick us up where ever we are. In fact my Dad is doing this right now in a little dory 11 feet long and took my mother with him. Now that's extreme! LOL. He's got my sisters scared to death and I've been calling them on their cell phone several times a day to check on them. I plan to buil the Spindrift over the winter. I have several months to mature this idea in my mind and see if it's feasible or not. Any more suggestions are appreciated.
  14. I would like to know if anybody has rowed the spindrift 12 with two adults ( about 200# each) for any extended period. Can it be trimed properly? I imagine i would have to add an extra seat forward of the middle seat for a new rowing position, but I really dont' know. My dad and I are planning to navigate the Rideau Canal from Kingston Ontario to Ottawa, about 200 km. The canal connects a series of lakes and rivers with a system of locks. The prevailing winds will allow us to sail downwind or on a broad/beam reach when going through the lakes or wide areas of the canal but we will have to row when things get too narrow or the wind does not cooperate. Would the Spindrift 12 be suitable for this adventure?
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