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  1. Gotcha! Thanks. Chuck
  2. I'm working on the side decks, and have a few questions: The side decks arc 2" from 9" wide fwd and 7" aft. The 2" arc is made with a batten. Can this arc be made from the sheer break forward to the windshield, or should I try to make the arc back to the aft pilothouse bulkhead, aft of the sheer break? Or would the difference be so small as not to matter? I need to trim the aft pilothouse bulkheads for the side decks, and want to make sure before cutting them. They should be cut plumb with the edge of the side decks, right? Thanks. Chuck
  3. Thanks Egbert. I knew it was there somewhere! I still have the side decks and windshield to complete before I get to the cabinsides - hopefully not too long. Chuck
  4. Is 3/8" plywood used for the pilothouse sides? I thought I'd memorized the instruction manual, but can't find that measurement. I'm down to one sheet of 1/2" ply. Any big requirements for 1/2" that I should order more? Thanks! Chuck
  5. You're correct, Egbert. I had it right, and then decided it should be moved. I even had to modify it to fit in the wrong position. Oh well, the humidity is high again today (98%), so I couldn't have painted anyway. Dave, don't count me out of the running for that award. Still a lot of opportunity to prove my boneheadedness. I'm working on the drawer cabinet. Seems to me the bottom drawer would be kind of useless considering the curvature of the hull. Do you have a working drawer on the bottom? I'm thinking of a flip down door on the bottom so I can make use of that space. Chuck
  6. More embarrassing than painful. The new beam is milled and dry fit on the mold. Will glue it up and clamp it this afternoon; clean it up and install it tomorrow. It's drizzling on and off with high humidity - not a good day for painting anyway.
  7. Don't ask me how, but I installed the forecabin crossbeam on the wrong bulkhead! As I'm measuring and fitting the foredeck, I keep thinking that this thing is kind of in the way. It didn't take much research to learn I have it on the wrong bulkhead. The only solution I can see is to fabricate a new crossbeam and install it correctly. The incorrectly placed beam can be trimmed as necessary. Not a great big deal; I'm used to making mistakes, but I'm having trouble visualizing how the foredeck, windshield, and bulkheads all come together. The good news is that the foredeck fits nicely. This will give me something to do between coats of paint on the inside surface!
  8. Thanks for the good feedback and reality check. I had decided to avoid exterior bright work, but after all the work and the first coat of epoxy, it just looked so pretty! I just filled the holes and joints, so it's no longer pristine. Will sand and add another coat of resin, then think about how it will be finished, but that decision is down the road. Henry suggested a nonskid surface, which sounds like a good idea. Before I get the same notion, is any good quality enamel suitable for painting the inside?
  9. I'm working on the foredeck, and would like a natural wood finish. Options are to keep the finished plywood or cover with strips. The plywood looks pretty good to me, but has screw holes and a seam. Will several coats of resin, followed by varnish sufficiently fill these holes, or do I need to cover them with filler? Should I consider glass fabric or Xynole? Stripping would add some extra weight, but Atlantic White Cedar is light, and the strips would be thin, about 3/16".
  10. Looks like a great venue. My build is coming along slowly but (sort of) smoothly. I'll have lots of questions! Chuck
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