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  1. They are still going strong with over 332,000 views. Sorry about the images, they got lost some how. JD http://forum.woodenboat.com/showthread.php?61697-J-Dillon-11-years-on-a-27-footer-WOW!!!&highlight=J.+Dillon+11+years+27+footer+Wow
  2. .Sail for "Leg-O-Mutton sprit boom rig perfect condition used 6 hrs. Apox 110 sq. ft.. Cut by Dabbler sailmaker 6 oz. Nine grommets on 18'5" luff. Foot 12'3" leech 18'9" . Reef points at 3' above foot. Egyptian cotton color. $300.00. The reason I'm selling is because this sail was a bit too much for my present boat Carrianne that can be seen on U Tube displaying a boomless sprit rig (4 corners)Sail would be good for a New Haven sharpie type boat about 20' loa.
  3. Tom , the image shown is the new sail. I first tried it on the boat a few years ago( maybe 5 ) desiring to go faster and point higher. This sail did both. BUT the boat seemed much more tender as the new mast was over 6 ' higher and the sail about 10 sq ft more in area. Not much but I found sailing with the new higher rig too touchy( for me) so I returned to the original gaff sprit which I'm much more comfortable with. So now the new hardly used sail & 22 mast are looking for another boat to give a different skipper power to move his dream boat along. Jack
  4. Water was cascading down the decks from the gunports and eventually aft to mix with the breakfast of many aboard. It was kind of chunky and pink in color The crew handed out barf buckets and one poor chap was coiled up in the scuppers aft with his face in the bucket. I never did see it. With a digital camera I never did get a shot of the water breaking over the bow. JD
  5. [/img] Thought I'd like to share this image of the Brig Niagara. I sailed aboard her on Sunday the 14th of Aug. It was gusting up to 30 kts on lake Erie asnd the skipper decided to take in sail . I have more imges if members want to see them. 50% of the guests were sea sick luckly not me. JD
  6. [/img] Shown above image is the underside of the Mighty Mite 2 hp motor series 800. I have great difficulty starting this motor. No manual is currently available . It requires direct squirt of raw gas into the cylinder. When it finally kicks off it runs for a few seconds and then dies. If you do get it going it takes full choke to sustain it to run, then switched befores it dies, to the run position. The controls on the face have a (L to R ) START, CHOKE, RUN, positions. The thottle and spark advance indicate the setting for shift only. The key I think to get this motor to start and ru
  7. I got this outboard motor from a friend. It needs some adjustment work to get it to run properly. Presently it won't shut off unless you close the fuel inlet petcock. It also hard to start requiring several pulls and manipulating of the "Start", "Choke" controls. Does any one know a source for a service manual for this motor and or the initial settings for the carb.? I installed a new spark plug. JD
  8. Capt Jake, That looks first class. The last image comes in great on my screen. Can you tell us more about the boat ? JD
  9. Good to see other modelers out there. A good activity during the off season months ......... that is if you're not building a full sized boat. Phil, I can see by the models you built you're more advanced than I am. They look great. The sea rendering wasn't too hard . I just used some modelers clay a kind of plaster. It kicked off in about 10 minutes( not 2 part stuff). I kind of roughed shaped it around the tinfoiled hull . When full dry you can remove the model and sculpture the sea then paint it. Andrew, I might be takeing that long to complete the Rattlesnake model I startd 5 y
  10. Does any body here build ship models ? Recently finished one and would like to see others work. Also interested in doing a model or painting of Shaclelton's boat the "james Caird" . Need info on ths boat . This thread is helpful http://media5.hypernet.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=6;t=003572 but would like another source of info. Thanks JD [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
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