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    Just moved to Sweet Home Alabama!
  1. So, how goes the journey? What do you play?
  2. Rick brought his Belhaven. Very nice small cruiser. The boat behind the Pintail is one of Grahams Amandas. Sweet little boat and fun to sail.
  3. The young man Nate sailing the Pintail has been sailing that boat since he was 10, and it shows. He was very skillful in its handling.
  4. Finally got stuff cleared up, and the time free. I just emailed that I am going. Looking forward to meeting you all. Please bring lots of boat eye candy. :-)
  5. That was amazing!! I guess in the grand scheme of things a couple thousand hours for a smaller boat is a drop in the bucket. Just goes to show what the advice, "get started, don't stop" can accomplish.
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