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  1. If you extend the seat stringers forward to the frame just beyond where your feet will rest, your heels will not touch the fabric.
  2. Actually, those were the responses I was hoping for.
  3. I looked about the website and the forum with no success. How did the name Kudzu for a beautiful line of skin boats get chosen from the name of an invasive weed?
  4. The more advise I read, the more intrigued I become to the GP. I decided to make my own and there is much info and direction to do so here and out there. But, as it has been pointed out, the wrong paddle will give wrong results. So, a poorly shaped paddle that appears correct dooms one to a incorrect opinion. Perhaps, I will buy one from a builder that asks all the right questions. Then I can hopefully make a rational conclusion.
  5. Beautifully done, creative and being a really generous dad.
  6. Thanks, you're right in that it would look good on white sand rather than white snow and ice.
  7. Great job on the boat build. Curious about your experience with the greenland style paddle. I've not started make one yet, but hope to soon. I've always been doubtful of their performance compared to a euro paddle.
  8. Launch is a figure of speech. The boat is finished but the water is too stiff to launch. The gray material in the cockpit is quarter inch closed cell foam to protect the inside of the boat, comfort for you feet and to hold the seat in the proper place. I like to remove the seat to let air in to dry the bottom and make sure it's clean.
  9. Thanks Hirilonde. It's too late to fit that time window but, I may grab another quart tomorrow of what I want it to have as a finish coat and then see if that did it in the spring. The texture and sheen of the dacron is something I didn't expect. I love it. Neat boats.
  10. I understand there may be no one correct answer. But, I really don't want to blindly add needless coats of paint. My frist coat was a quality marine topside paint and the second a different oil based enamel. Each coat took about a pint and a half on a Longshot. I'm thinking I'll just put it away till spring and then take it out, paddle it and see if it leaks. The downside is then how long to wait to be sure it is no longer wet where I can't see. Any and all responses appreciated.
  11. Thank you to Jeff and mitchmellow. I obtained a hotter working iron and ironed out the wrinkles. Better than I could have guessed it would. It has it's first coat of paint and I love the results of the build. Jeff, you created a hot looking boat that will drive me nuts not to use till April. That's when the ice usually leaves the lake open. It weighed in at 34 pounds. I don't know how much the several coats of paint is going to add. Thanks again to all who helped, whether you knew it or not. I read the forum and it's a great resource.
  12. Just finished skinning my Longshot The 11.5 oz dacron worked out pretty well in that the hull skin is tight and no wrinkles. On the deck however, I managed to end up with more than I would like. My questions are, when I practiced skinning on another object, I could not iron out the wrinkles or skrink the fabric. Was my iron not hot enough? Or am I just impatient? thanks gene
  13. I sit differently in my kayaks. Sitting frog leg style causes me numbness so I sit with my feet on a foot rest carved from closed cell foam. My feet are close to parallel at at a 35 to 45 degree angle. A Longshot is in progress and with my size 12's, I pretty sure I'll have enought room. I added a frame to hold the foot rest.
  14. Thanks for the reply and reassurance. I've purchased the 11.5 oz fabric and today the cordage to do the double corded stitch. The fuslage looks so attractive, it's also a shame to cover it. I'm taking my time since it will be April before the ice melts here in NW Lower Michigan.
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