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  1. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly Maiden Voyage

    Was a fun project. I may have to tackle a kayak some day. I applied Rustoleum oil based Almond color. Three coats with a little extra on the whip stitch seams. Thanks. I would like to tackle an old Chris Craft restore, not having much luck finding one. I did stumble across a site that has plans for replicas may go that route some day.
  2. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly Maiden Voyage

    Well finally got around to putting her in the water, also wanted to see how she would do with one of my kids in there as well. Was a bit windy and lake was busy so wasn't the smoothest ride today, but all in all was a good first day out. On the water pics at the end of the build album HERE.
  3. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    Thanks for the kind words. I used some fishing line for the thread but I did end up with some pull holes by trying to sew it on relatively tight.
  4. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    Well got all three coats on and tested for leaks, only had a small leak on the stern whip stitch so put a bit more on that seam. Tried my hand at a Greenland paddle. Not the best but I think it will move me about. Just have to put on rub rails and she's ready for her maiden voyage. Headed to Alaska Wednesday so will be late July before she's in the water. Pics Here
  5. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    It is a 38 Chevy coupe. None of them mine however. They are a family members. They have been sitting forever and I get the wonderful task of getting them all running again. It is what I am doing in between glue and paint drying.
  6. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    Making some progress. Watching paint dry is worse than watching glue dry . Guess I can work on an oar and the rub rails until I can throw a second coat on. Here is a link to pictures to save forum space. https://plus.google.com/photos/100377969637832712345/albums/5751077318070922449?authkey=CNyskKjEtJCYUw
  7. Can says 24 hours, is that what you guys follow?
  8. So far I used cypress for all stringers and baltic birch for frames, what are your guys thoughts for the breasthooks, thwarts and rub rails. Should I keep it uniform or maybe use another wood type for accents?
  9. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    Well made some progress today. Starting to look like a boat.
  10. Aaron Newman

    Tung Oil and color

    Think I will try the tung oil on some scrap see what it looks like first. I bought the expensive 100% pure tung oil, if it is not dark I thought of maybe darkening it somehow. I found a thread on another forum that mentioned adding TransTint to the tung oil but thought I would check here to see if anyone has stained 1st or tinted tung oil. Thanks for the replies.
  11. Aaron Newman

    Tung Oil and color

    I picked up some tung oil but wanted to have the wood of my stonefly be dark. Do I stain the wood first then coat with the tung oil or do I add dye to the tung oil directly? I used Cypress for my stringers and gunwales. Not sure what I will use for the breasthooks yet.
  12. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    Jeff, Thanks for email and sending out correct plans. Not sure you got my email reply but I had cut out the 7 frames from the plans I received before I started on the strongback. Are the frames different in the correct set of plans you just sent? Hoping not.
  13. Aaron Newman

    Stonefly build

    I recently bought the Stonefly plans and the assembly manual refers to the strongback brackets being part of the plans, however my plans just had frames only. I have my strongback built just need to make these brackets so I can start assembling. Does anyone have the specs for the brackets? I found some nice 16' clear cypress I am using for stringers and gunwales and have them all ripped, Also local place had the Russian Baltic Birch so I grabbed a couple sheets. This is my first wood working project and I am a newbie with boats as well so should be an interesting and fun project. Pics for build

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