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Perttu Korhonen

Kayk building

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A pretty boat, Perttu! I had to stare at your close-up photo awhile to figure out it was a backrest doubling as a hatch in your rear bulkhead. If I am interpreting the geometry correctly, the backrest/hatch is supported only at the side tabs where the turn-buttons are. I would think this arrangement would not bear leaning your weight against. What am I missing?

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Hi - and thanks for comments.

The back rest / hatch combination rest against bulkhead from bottom to top - so I think ( hope ) it takes the load - You are rigth that some forse comes to turn buttons, but

I think there is no problem - I will reoport how they hold.





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Information is so good and useful. Plywood might be more resistant to beating on rocks. Aside from that, stitch and glue requires plans or a pattern or some experience in developing patterns for cutting out the plywood. After that it's a bunch of fiber glassing, sanding and varnishing. That might be enjoyable but I don't know since I've never tried it. Skin on frame designs can be modified on the fly since you fit each new piece to what is already there. Very little detailed design work is required. Also very little epoxy and sanding.

For more information click boat supplies

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