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Help with Flyfisher plans / cutout


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Hi All,

I am seeking a little assistance with alignment of the butterfly on a Flyfisher 13' canoe. Assistance provided by Graham(designer)

I have marked and cut the bottom according to the Cut out Sheet (metric) and have an A- B line of 0.411m with the angle BAB of 78deg.

I have marked the side / bow according to the Cut out Sheet (metric) and have an A-B line of 0.401. There was a small typo on the metric plan

I have double checked all measurements and even calculated the lengths and angles to verify.

Is this correct that the AB straights on the bottom and sides should be of different lengths? No

Assuming this is correct

1- if I align the AB edges at A the side will be out by around 6mm and the butterfly will cross the LCL extension line all the way from A to C

post-2062-0-02902300-1329364558_thumb.jpg post-2062-0-49977300-1329364556_thumb.jpg

2- if I align the AB edges at B the side looks good but the butterfly will cross the LCL extension line 12cm from A on the A to C line.

This will cause the sections to overlap when doing the tape and epoxy butt join.

post-2062-0-67285800-1329364783_thumb.jpg post-2062-0-70496300-1329364785_thumb.jpg post-2062-0-82999700-1329364781_thumb.jpg

Is 2 what is intended?

I am unable to (quote from plan page Hull assembly) "" Position the A-B straight of the side/bow against the A-B of the bottom so that the straight A-C line of the bow section falls on the extension of the bottom LCL" I believe that to achieve this either the bow 39deg or side/bow 143 deg angle would have to be reduced. With new measurement provided it all lines up perfectly


Please help, any and all assistance greatly appreciated.



South Australia

Will post photos when done

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