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Block Plane Selection and Rehabilitation

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And degrease with mineral spirits followed by strong trichloroethylene, a suspected carcinogen, so here I wear gloves, which are also necessary to keep my oily fingerprints out of the blued finish.


I then cold blue the parts using phosphate blue (Brownells.com).  This solution hides rust staining, inhibits further rust, but most importantly is an index dye for the critical stages of flattening irons and soles.


Before sharpening I check my stones for flat using 60-grit wet-or-dry paper on a precision-ground, cast-iron surface like this jointer table.  A couple strokes done dry allows sighting down the stone to find any hollows still shining amid the stone dust made by the abrasive paper.  If I have to flatten the stone I use kerosene as a lube and rub the stone till until I have a perfectly flat surface.  I

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