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Found 2 results

  1. I am in the process of building a new Core Sound 17 mk 3 and have a few questions about the centerboard trunk. I am getting ready to seal the centerboard trunk and glass it into the boat. I have seen several threads on here that mention a rubber pad or bumper inside the trunk. It does not mention it on the page in the instructions that deals with building the trunk, but it does show it on the page where it shows rigging the centerboard. It seems like it would be much easier to put a bumper of some kind inside before I seal it up. What have others used for that bumper? How do you fasten it.....epoxy it? Also, on the assembly page is shows filling the pivot pin hole with epoxy and then drilling it out. On the rigging page it shows not drilling all the way thru so that it only has to be sealed on one side. Already drilled it before I saw that so will need to refill part of the hole. Not really a problem, just wondered how others had done theirs. Any insight would be appreciated. I am probably obsessing about this a little too much, but I would rather fix my mistakes before it is glassed in place.
  2. I have had a leak in the centerboard cap of my Lapwing since I got it. External caulking was not effective so I decided to seal it internally with epoxy before my first spring sail. In the process, I realized the centerboard needed work. It was worn down to bare wood in one place caused by a slight warp. After repairing and reinstalling the centerboard I began cleaning the inside of the boat. This is when I was reminded of the bubble I had seen in the paint on the side of the centerboard trunk. Well it turned out to be covering rot. I have now uncovered about a square foot of damage in three separate areas on the trunk and my spring sailing is looking doubtful. I suspect that replacing the whole trunk is beyond my skills. So I am considering stabilizing the areas with epoxy, adding scraps of fiberglass to the deeper parts, filling in with thickened epoxy and then sanding and painting. I should note that the trunk has epoxy and fiberglass in the inside but not on the outside. There is probably more rot near the base of the trunk behind the seam with the hull. I don't see how to get to this without ripping out the whole thing. Is this a viable plan? Any suggestions?
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