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  1. Good Day, and thanks ChrisObee Yeah...ugly is................ Living on the Bay of Chaleur in New Brunswick Canada, the weather is always friendly and seas never climb too high. The sandy shores with the rocky cliffs make for some soul warming images. Misty Blue was built but never finished by a good gentleman who sadly died before he could see his dream fulfilled. The boat sat in the garage for a few years and then was put out on the grass where it lay a short time and was discover by myself. this past summer. Not enjoying the coach house lines too much, I did recognize the well built hull as I pondered what I could do with her. I finally made an offer that was accepted and away she went to my driveway close by. She is 20 ft long and 9 ft on the beam. Her nick name at this stage is Ugly Duckling and probably was designed by the builder. Over the next two years she'll transform into a handsome motorsailor with the Jiffy V 20 and the OuterBanks 20 as examples of what beauty can look like. At this point in time I have several months of heavy dreaming to do and plans to make. This will be a two year project with lots of consideration to bright work and shine, with comfort and practicality being factored in. Looking forward to all the valuable knowledge I'll find here <a href="http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2105404630105903233znCepu"><img src="http://thumb13.webshots.net/t/96/196/4/4/63/2105404630105903233znCepu_th.jpg" alt="100_2166_00"></a>
  2. Before I introduce myself and my new project, how the heck do you get pics posted like everyone does
  3. very pretty boat ...any more pics on the boat itself. I am interested in the mast.
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