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  1. Thanks Alan - I must admit that seeing the sole in place in lots of build photos I had looked at - prior to the addition of the hull panels is probably what was confusing me the most. Now that I understand this is a removable “component” of the jig it makes sense. Is the sequence similar for the Ocracoke series? Is this build sequence faster than the one I had described or is it’s main advantage in that the frames define the hill shape more accurately - as you mentioned? I am going to assume weight/ strength wise they would be comparable?
  2. I am trying to visualise the Marisa build sequence. I have looked at lots of pictures and build threads but still can’t quite work it out. I have built 2 previous “stitch and glue” designs where when the boat was flipped (having glassed the outside), the frames/ stringers which had acted as temporary molds were removed, then the inside was sheathed in glass, and then the frames and stringers were glued and taped into place over this. In some ways it seemed a laborious approach but the boats went together quite fast. Am I correct in assuming that with the Marisa the hull panels are glued to the stringers and frames when the boat is upside down? Then you flip it. What happens at this stage? Do you fillet around all the frames and stringers, and do they get taped in place? Does all plywood on the inside between the frames get a layer of glass?
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