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  1. It's been a while, but I've wanted to reply. Thanks a lot to those of you who offered suggestions on how a boat might be commissioned. A boatbuilding school is a good idea and I happened upon one school's website that mentioned commissions. For now at least I won't be building or commissioning any boat. Randy, I've decided to scratch that itch to get on the water by looking for a used catboat and hope to be out sailing before the end of summer. One reason for opting for a catboat is we'll have a 2 hour drive to get to any boat and really want something with a cuddy so we can easily stay onboard. Even so, as much as I like catboat, is hard for me to not think there'll be a cat yawl in my future. Beyond being nice boats, I was attracted to CS in part because of the strong community and support around them. I'm happy to say there is a similar community with Chesapeake Catboats Association. We've met a few members who are familiar with the CS boats and some of their owners but I didn't get any names. Hoping to see some of you on the water. digger
  2. Mark, I'm sure I've looked at about all the CS20 build logs and threads, I know yours was among them. Trying to get some idea of the material cost I added up everything on the B&B order page, added in what I thought was a generous amount for stuff like dimensional lumber, lights, engine, etc. To me it seemed a reasonable amount for quality materials. Plus, if you're doing your own build it doesn't need to come out of your paocket all at one time.
  3. Jay, That's what I'm talking about. The time you spend building a boat -- you're not in your boat. On the other hand as Steve and others have said there is pleasure in building (except for all that sanding), and the even greater pleasure in knowing it was your own hands that built it. I've done some building in a wide range of fields and know that satisfaction. On the other hand, despite feeling that taking on a boat project of something like a CS20 would not be a wise decision for me at this time, I'm also sure it would irk me that it was something I've handed over to someone else. As far as the Max Flinders that looks like it's one nice boat and have enjoyed reading your thread. If I were anywhere close to you I'd be asking to take a look at what your doing
  4. Amos, thanks for the spot link for Graham. When I looked at where he is I had to laugh! When I saw Chesapeake City mentioned in his trip log thread I was thinking Chesapeake City on the C&D Canal and thought, "man, he must be really cooking to be there already!" Didn't occur to me there are other Chesapeake Cities. For some reason I also missed that Carlita is a 17.3 and not a 20.3. It must have been that big wheel he's installed in the cockpit that threw me ‹grin›. You also mention weight and engine size. Our car is a Mini Cooper and we've never thought of trailering a boat. But, looking at the weight of the CS20.3 I started to get excited that it might be actually possible -- that we might be able to squeak by and do it. Though it was pointed out to me the put-in ramps might be a challenge.
  5. Steve, thanks for your reply --and the reply is about what I expected to get! Thanks for the offer to check out Skeena. I had thought to contact you, but then saw where in NY you are. We are going to be leaving on a road trip in a few weeks, likely north, but along the coast. I was about certain of the cost of even a partial build would be prohibitive but thought I'd ask anyway. The material cost for a CS20 looks reasonable but all that labor needs to be paid for one way or another! Cat ketches are a definite draw for me, too bad there are so few boats around that are -- especially those with a real shallow draft and unstayed tabernacle masts. I've also looked at the NIS sharpies but like the CS20 need either time or money. The other direction I've been pursuing is catboats which are a lot easier to come by and for me will be equally satisfying. And keep my eye out for a for a used cat ketch. digger
  6. Hello Everyone, We looking for a boat and from what I can see there's a lot to like about the CS20 mk3. Unfortunately I've yet to see one outside of pictures. I'm wondering if there's anyone interested in showing off their boat to us? We live in Philly and the upper parts of the Chesapeake are easy for us to get to. At the moment we are planning to be at Prospect Bay the weekend of Jun 12. I've been following Graham's trip reports of Carlita's Delmarva circumnavigation and know he's close by right now, but he'd probably be hard to find. Besides not having seen a Core Sound 20 there are issues with building one -- living in Philly we have no place to build one. The other problem is though I feel confident I my skills to do a build, I don't have the time to take it on, and not having a boat now do not want to wait years before getting in one. Is it a crazy idea to consider commissioning a builder to do it for us. I don't know if it is possible, but my thought would be to have it built far enough to get it on the water and then finish it out ourselves. digger
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