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  1. Yeah, torqeedo does not make sense to me. Also looking at their range charts it shows very short range at speed. I believe they are using bigger boats in their calculations as other calculations I have seen are more favourable.
  2. I agree that today EP does not compete with ICEs. But as technology and regulation progresses I believe it will catch on. I can manage a shorter range since I typically never use even half of the available fuel today. But it is always nice to have the range if my situation would change. Unfortunately most electric outboards seem to weigh close to their petrol counterparts, and costs more! Proponents of EP always say that it's superior from a service perspective with only 3 moving parts.. Well, that should translate to less manufacturing cost. Higher efficiency should also translate to lower weight. I'm a bit disappointed with EP in this regard. Good to hear that it is feasible to make an EP version of marissa. Then I can keep daydreaming. Or as I like to call it, mentally prepare.
  3. Technology is indeed moving fast. However I fear that demand will keep prices high for at least a few years. But like with computers etc, prices will come down and performance will keep improving.
  4. Hi everyone, I am dreaming of one day building a boat. The Ocracoke 20 and Marissa are beautiful designs and are right now the favourites. However, since I am in the dreaming stage and will remain here for at least some time I can't help but think about future rigging options that will be available to me once I actually get to building. I live in Europe where the green movement is strong and there is strong support for electric propulsion. And if these trends persist I am not going to have much of an option, I will have to go electric. A key feature of electric boats is fuel economy, which I think works really well with the ocracoke and marissa designs as they are very economic. But how much battery weight can for example a Marissa manage before having to make major modifications? Does putting 150kgs of batteries under the console ruin the design? How about 300kgs? I am assuming it will be powered by a 40-60 hp equivalent outboard. Batteries are constantly getting lighter and more powerful (and thankfully cheaper as well) . To me it would be interesting to try to understand when my requirements for weight, range, and price will be met. So what do you guys think? Are these design suitable for electric propulsion?
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