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  1. For anyone viewing this in the future the distance on our Catalina 27 normal height rig from the apex of the hatch to the bottom of the sail cover on the boom was just about 24" even. So while we could have stood off the boat above the hatch, ultimately we decided the visibility was impinged too much by stowing amidships. Therefore expect to hear from me starting a spindrift 10n or 11n this summer or winter.
  2. Continuing to store on the foredeck wouldn’t be the end if the world. We rarely have correct wind to sail when doing long days anyways so getting mixed up with the jib wouldn’t be an issue. When we’re sailing it’s leisure mode and we’re towing anyways. But if we’re not space constrained then I’ll build a bigger dinghy. If we get into something rough and the outboard can’t keep up we’d be working under reefed main anyways as there aren’t any small headsails onboard. I like to pretend the C27 is a real yacht and have mid deck storage but it is still a Catalina. I think I need to just ge
  3. Hey folks, I’ve been lurking for a few weeks while looking at dinghy options for our Catalina 27, used mostly in the San Juans and Up into BC some. My sister/boat partner built an ‘Elegant Punt’ a few years back that has served us well, but we’re looking for an upgrade. The Punt is just about as big as we would want to put on the foredeck, so it looks like we’re in line for a nesting dinghy. Requirements (in order) - Rows well with medium 2 adults and passably with 3, even with a bit of chop - Sailable with 2 people and a bit of gear for practical use, fun to sail singlehan
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